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At RIVAA, we offer quartz slabs and Italian marbles that are long-lasting and available in plenty of colors. Quartz slabs are available in a wide range of varieties and colours, and the pleasing tones of our Italian marbles help to create a relaxing ambience.
Because of the uncompromised quality and assortments our Quartz slabs and Italian marbles together play a vital role in changing the appearance of any home or a workplace completely. Both our quartz slabs and the Italian marbles have become renowned in the market. They are highly recommended for any commercial and also residential projects.
Our team of experts will offer you ultimate guidance and support throughout the installation. We assure that you can get all sorts of quartz slabs and Italian marble varieties under one roof. We serve you as a one-stop shop for the slabs and the marbles you require. Our assortments are vibrant and you can grab a wide spectrum of colors. Our products enable us gain more loyal customers and also great reputation. We provide a variety of trendy colours to complement the design of your home and office as well. Our customers rely on our products as they deliver super stable performance. Our products are versatile so that they serve multiple applications.


To deliver top quality hand-picked products with hassle-free installations to our customers.


To supply one-of-a kind products to make your fine living spaces the finest.

Why Choosing us?

Our products are in demand because they show off extreme degree of purity, durability and functionality. Our quartz slabs and Italian marbles have a wide range of applications and can be utilised for a variety of purposes. The slabs can be placed in any location in your home to add a unique touch.

Our quartz slabs and marble ranges are incredibly fashionable and well-made. It is appealing to people of all ages. With its exceptional technology, it provides you with the greatest aesthetic experience that is built to last a lifetime. Our products will not burn your pockets as they all come in pocket-friendly price tags.

Our Products

The most popular countertops on the market now are quartz slabs. Quartz is made up of 90% to 95% broken natural minerals that are then molded into slabs. They mix the greatest qualities of natural stone with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. As a result, the surface has got a similar aesthetic to granite and become more durable.

Italian marble gives charm to your decor and creates a stunning background, while still keeping durability and functionality. With its gorgeous colors, distinctive lusters, Italian Range lends a rich aspect to the floors, walls, Kitchen, rooms, and bathroom. It is a great suggestion for ornamental purposes in both residents and commercial spaces due to its exquisite appearance.

We deal with a wide collection of stones that fit your business and budget.

Our Products

Feedback from our clients

"The quartz slabs and Italian marbles live up to our expectations. Thank you RIVAA for the amazing products."

We have decorated our residence with the quartz slabs which in turn change the look completely.

We recommend your products to everyone since they serve the purpose perfectly. 4. Anyone can rely on the excellent quality of the quartz slabs and the Italian marbles from RIVAA.

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